This Photo Is A Warning To Parents About Car Seats And Shopping Carts


Lindsey Wisnewski recently posted a photo on social media as a warning to fellow parents after an eye-opening experience while shopping.

The Ohio mom shared a photo and message on Facebook on Thursday that captured a cart that had fallen over, leaving her infant's car seat on the hood of a parked car, despite the fact that the mom had locked the car seat into place.

The mom said the wind and the weight of the infant car seat caused the whole thing to fall over. And although her baby girl was not in the car seat at the time, she wants parents to see the potential danger of the practice.

"I post this PSA without judgement, as I myself did this with both boys," she wrote. "Up until about 2 years ago, I thought the seat was safe since it clicks into place. But the car seat in the picture was 'locked' into place."

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission warns against placing car seats in the cart seat or basket of a shopping cart. It also cites reports of serious and fatal injuries and falls that were a result of accidents related to car seats in shopping carts.

Nationwide Children's, a pediatric health care and research center, recommends that parents of children who are not old enough to sit upright by themselves in a shopping cart seat consider other options when shopping, including front or back carriers, strollers or in-store child care.

Wisnewski reminded parents that it's better to take precaution since "accidents happen in the blink of the eye."

See her full Facebook post here.

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