This Podcast Just Might Change Your Life: The Great Girlfriends


In an itunes store cluttered with podcasts from literally everybody and their mama, it's hard to know which ones to hit the subscribe button on and which ones to bypass. But if you're looking for a little inspiration... scratch that. If you're looking for a catalyst to straight up change your life for the better, you'll definitely want to press play on The Great Girlfriends Podcast.

And I'm not just saying that because I was featured on episode 22 on Body Confidence. Check it out here. I'm saying it because way before I was ever featured on the podcast, the GG podcast got me through some pretty tough days. Never have two very accomplished women been so real and transparent about their own struggles and how they overcame them -- and how you can too.

Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel are the best girlfriends you never had. Nope their not the caddy ones secretly hoping you will lose and talking behind your back -- because we all know those exist. Nope these are the "I've been there girl, and here is how you get through it" type of girlfriends. And who doesn't need that?

The GG podcast tackles everything from self sabotage, overcoming failures, self doubt to financial fitness. And yes these two happily married women even discuss the path to Mr. Right -- the real path -- not the fairy tale you never let go from age 6.

I was feeling pretty low when I stumbled upon one of the earlier episodes. Episode 3 How to Handle Failure. At the time, I had no idea, that it was no coincidence. Talk about hearing the right thing at the right time. That podcast was quite literally a God send. The great girlfriends talked about their own failures, no not in some metaphoric way. They talked about real job losses, layoffs, not getting the role type stuff. And then they talked about "the pivot." Thank God for the pivot ad how failures often are the pivot into your purpose. I cannot tell you how empowered I was after this. I even made my mom listen to it.

Here are these two super accomplished women talking about when they failed, and it didn't break them. It actually helped to make them who they are.

And it isn't some crying fest, these ladies are hilarious. When I heard Brandice say that she was telling every person who was being nosy -- asking her what was going on with her these days that her answer was facetiously "I'm working at McDonald's," I laughed so hard. [It's kind of an inside joke. Go listen to this episode here]

Also in addition to the wealth of knowledge that the original GGs offer, they are also tapping some of the industry's best guest great girlfriends like InStyle, Style Ambassador Tai Beauchamp, who talks about mental motivation and maintaining a mindset for success even after failure. Beauty Editor, Julee Wilson Wareham talks with the GG's about breaking boundaries and how being your authentic self just might open up every door you need.



And of course I talk about Body Confidence and how limiting beliefs around your body may be limiting your life like mine were. Checkout my episode Here. Ep 22 Body Confidence (Guest Girlfriend: RaVal Davis)