This Poet's Message To Anti-Abortion Politicians Deserves A Hell. Yes.

"You cannot dictate who lives in my womb."

"What to do when a politician tries to fall into your vagina, feet first?" 

It's the first electrifying line from poet Theresa Davis, who, in just three minutes, takes on every politician who has ever tried to block the reproductive rights of women in America. 

Performing during prelims at the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam in March, Davis recites: "My body is not yours to pump, lobby, or legislate...and the last time I checked there was no ATM in my vagina."

Davis's words are especially poignant in light of the recent GOP debates, where potential presidential candidates have been speaking out against Planned Parenthood funding. To Davis, politicians who try to impose their opinions on what women can or cannot do with their bodies is the height of disrespect. 

"Since you cannot walk in my shoes, I'mma need you to take them off," Davis says. "You are scuffing up my shine." 

In the video posted by Button Poetry on Wednesday, Davis goes on to call out anti-abortion politicians who focus on women's bodies but ignore other issues that affect women's rights like equal pay for women, educational benefits, healthcare and "basic human rights." 

Her final line, though, deserves a standing ovation: "You cannot dick-tate who lives in my womb, or who is evicted... I just need you to know that when you try to get all up in here, uninvited? I'll be shutting that shit down." 

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