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This Pole-Dancing Mama-To-Be Is Sharing An Empowering Message

"As women we all want to feel sexy, this is how I feel sexy."

Pregnancy did not stop dancer Jill McLean from embracing her sexy.

McLean, who goes by the stage name Cleo The Hurricane, is a 36-year-old pole dancer from Australia. When she found out she was pregnant with her first child, she did not hang up her heels for good. While she took a break from tricks and inversions during her pregnancy, she decided to seize the moment and use it to feel even more empowered.

"As much as I have enjoyed this journey, preparing for motherhood, watching my baby belly grow ... I have been CRAVING and LOVING that feeling of putting on my heels, a sexy song and pole dancing ... just to feel sexy again," she wrote in a blog on her website, Cleo's Rock'n Pole.

In January, she shared a video of her dancing to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with a signature "baby belly rub" move.

After posting the video, McLean faced some criticism from people who apparently "think that a pregnant woman on a pole is disrespectful to their body and to their baby." But, she has not been focusing on the hate. Instead, she's focused on being the best role model for her son.

"That is as a strong and free spirited woman doing what I love because it makes me happy and sharing that positive energy with everyone around me," she wrote on her blog. "Yes, what I do is still considered 'taboo' to some people who don't know any better, but to me, it is STRENGTH and my PASSION and that is all that matters."

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