This Presidential Election Demands A Full Re-Count

It would be a travesty to allow a tampered-with result to go forward.

We Americans must be assured that we elected Donald Trump and not the Russians.

This was the most interfered-with election in American history with forces inside and outside our country openly in support of Trump. Jill Stein is correct in demanding a recount and it should also include other states no matter how long it takes to arrive at whom, the People, elected.

Before we swear in Donald Trump as President, the man most people believe unfit to be President, we must first certify the written ballots against the computer’s numbers to make sure the computers were not hacked by Russians with inserted numbers different than the written ballots.

The Russians assisted Trump throughout his campaign. Evidence shows they hacked Democratic computers and provided false news throughout social media, particularly Facebook, in efforts to elect Trump. They succeeded with Facebook fake news because Facebook followers, for the most post, are not critical thinkers and are generally into gossip and not hard news. Fake news provided by the Russians fed right into the minds of Facebook followers ready to believe anything that resembles something normally found in the National Enquirer. The Russian fake news stories stuck and destroyed Hillary Clinton’s reputation by twisting the many positive aspects of Clinton’s candidacy into negative scandal stories.

The Russians, along with Julian Assange, hacked computers continually during the election so why is it that we find it unreasonable now to prove the results of the unexpected result with a thorough examination? If there ever was an election that demands scrutiny it has to be this past Presidential election and it would be a travesty to allow a tampered-with result to go forward. The Russian hacking capability was on display daily in the last days of the campaign, so why is it wrong to see if the Russians, did in fact, change the results of our Election in favor of Trump? Now that Trump is President-Elect, we will never learn why the FBI turned a blind eye to the obvious Russian effort to elect Trump.

More than Sixty-two million people in our country voted for Hillary Clinton, or maybe even more? Clinton, as the vote now stands, beat Trump by 2.5 million votes. The orderly transfer of power is important to our country and that the Inauguration takes place on time, January 20th. In normal circumstances, the timetable is important; however, this was not a normal election and with evidence that a foreign power, Russia, was, in fact, interfering with and providing the Trump campaign with hacked information demands that we see just how far the Russians infiltrated our elective process. After all, the people’s choice, Hillary Clinton, demands confirmation before Trump ― who was not the people’s choice ― takes office. Checking the number of ballots cast and to which candidate must be checked against the computer provided numbers, that’s where the more-than-likely hack occurred that could change the outcome of an election. Again, in view of past Russian hacks and a surprise result amounting to Russia’s choice for President demands a second look with a physical recount of cast paper Ballots.

Upon a Closer Look Trump May Not Even Be The Duly Elected President-elect –and that’s why this election demands a closer look.

The People’s Choice was Hillary Clinton by more than two and a half million votes, had she prevailed slightly better in a few key states she also would have won the most Electoral College votes in addition to winning the most popular votes.

If the Electoral College insists on not changing their votes (which they are able to) to reflect the People’s Choice then the People should be entitled to a thorough re-count to assure accurate counting of all votes before the People’s Choice is taken away from the People. This election was an anomaly that should never had occurred when the Candidate selected by the Electoral College is the Candidate with a far lesser amount of popular votes than the winner of the election in total vote count. Hillary Clinton won by a substantial number of popular votes, no elective system should be allowed to over-ride our Democratic elective process system of one person one vote.

The Electoral College should also take a closer look at Trump and the conflicts of interest as well as the Constitutional violations that will result from his National and International business interests upon his election to the Presidency.

Still, the forces of Trump will, more than likely, prevail and just because he tells the lie that he won by a landslide doesn’t also allow him to declare his successful candidacy a Mandate because the reality is he did not even win the election –let alone a landslide win that allows a Mandate.

The point of declaring a Mandate gives full justification for going forward with all the programs of the election campaign because this is what the voters voted for along with the candidate. Not that reality has anything to do with Trump’s ambitions as our President. He’ll just lie until it’s accepted and then he’ll use the created truth to justify his agenda. All his proposals will begin with this is what the People want… and this is what the People said… and this is what the People voted for. The same political nonsense the Republicans have effectively used and what Trump ran against. Trump is going to own the swamp he promised his Fans he would drain and fill it with the likes of bottom feeders such as Giuliani, Christie, and Gingrich, all part of the Trump inner circle.

Trump will continue exaggerating his successful candidacy because that’s what it was, a successful candidacy, and he can take credit for that, but not for a minute should Trump ever believe that he is the People’s Choice or that he beat the woman who should have been elected President. If he was able to accept the truth that he, in fact, is not the People’s Choice then there’s the chance he might try to win the People over with programs that are beneficial such as Health Care, wrongful imprisonments, low wages, and all the Democratic issues that Hillary Clinton was sure to address; programs that address the real needs of the People. Then he might be able to win the People over to his side, but all indications so far point to rough times for the little guy if he’s sick or in some sort of trouble or in some sort of need. That’s why if there was ever a time to make sure there was no tampering with an election it is now for it is as if our lives and our Nation was at stake.

It is now believed that there is Classified Evidence of Russian interference that has never been disclosed to the public and President Obama has been recently petitioned by Members of the Senate to declassify this evidence and reveal the actions of the Russians. This country should not be on the fast track to Inauguration Day until we get to the bottom of Russian interference to assist Trump in winning the election. The Integrity and Reliability of our Elective Process is at stake, a Cornerstone to our Democracy has been attacked by a Foreign Government to elect a President of their choice –and it appears that they have succeeded – and we’re not going to do anything about it. This was an enemy who landed on our shore through cyberspace and took over. And now their man is heading to the White House. Tell me it’s not true!