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This Raspberry Mint Tequila Cocktail Is A Cinco de Mayo Smash!

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This raspberry mint tequila smash will brighten up your party in a major way. Upgrade your go-to tequila drink to this fruity, minty, super simple version!


Let’s have a truth talk for a moment. We are all getting older, and life isn’t always all fun and games. There are plenty of pros to growing up - such as a secure job, having a general idea of what you’re doing with your life, money in the bank, and if you’re lucky, a life partner to enjoy special moments with you.

There are the cons too - bills, taxes, and no longer having the ability to go out on a Friday - alright - really any night of the week like you did in your twenties.

Remember those days? Remember planning weeks in advance for the fun that was going to be had because it was St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo? I sure do, but those days are gone.


Sort of. I still like to enjoy the festive holidays but on a much smaller scale - such as at home with dinner for two and cocktail or two before the night is over. I’m certainly not one to give up a chance to cook up a Mexican food feast, and I haven’t met a margarita I did like, but there’s that getting old thing again.


It seems margaritas aren’t liking me much these days - pretty sure it’s the combination of all that citrus and tequila. This is where the fruity tequila smash comes into play. Think of it as the cousin to my beloved bourbon smash, and Margarita’s smarter older sister.


What I love about this raspberry mint tequila smash is that you can really make it to your liking. Want more fruit? Muddle in some more raspberries. A little sweeter? You know what to do! Same with making it stronger or just a touch less alcohol. There are no strict rules to follow here, just make it up as your mood goes.


Susan bakes up delicious treats as the Girl in the Little Red Kitchen at home in Brooklyn. She's joined Food Fanatic as a Cocktails and Boozy Desserts Fanatic, and we could not be more excited!