This Rejection Hotline Number Turns Down Creepy Dudes So You Don't Have To

"If you’re reading this message, you’ve made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected." 👏👏👏

For many men, the word “No” just doesn’t seem to register ― and for many women, having to reject an overeager dude comes with a lot of fear. 

In fact, rejecting men can actually have terrifying, if not deadly, consequences

Now, the Mary Sue has taken on the burden of letting those creepy dudes down for you, so that you can give away “your” phone number and never have to deal with the guy again. 

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline is a number that women can give away to men who won’t stop badgering them for their phone numbers. If said badgering man texts the number (646) 926-6614, he will receive this automated message an hour later (“giving you enough time to GTFO”): 

“Oh hello there. If you’re reading this message, you’ve made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women’s emotional and physical autonomy. K THANKKS.”

The same message will also play automatically if he calls that number. 

The Mary Sue is by no means the first to come up with the rejection hotline idea ― but what sets this one apart is that instead of playing it off as a joke (as others have done), the message serves as a reprimand for those who need reminding that making a woman feel unsafe or disrespected is never OK. 

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