This Children's ABC Book Perfectly Skewers Jeb Bush

This is actually genius.
Konrad Juengling

A brilliant, new satirical children's book perfectly skewers the absurdity of Jeb Bush's attitudes towards minorities and disenfranchised groups.

Jeb's ABCs, which focuses on The Republican presidential candidate's policies regarding the rights for queer people and women, welfare, people of color movements and climate change, operates in the framework of a children's ABCs book, though it's intended for adults. Each letter corresponds to a policy by Bush that actively works against the wellbeing of marginalized groups in America.

The book's author, Konrad Juengling, previously made headlines by purchasing the domain names of Indiana lawmakers who voted for the Right to Discriminate bill and forwardING them to the Human Rights Campaign's youth statistics page.

The Huffington Post chatted with Juengling this week about what he's trying to accomplish with Jeb's ABCs.

Konrad Juengling
The Huffington Post: What is the overarching concept for this project?
Konrad Juengling: The overarching vision is to point out Jeb Bush's lack of insight having to do with minority people. That includes the LGBTQ population, people of color, women, immigrants -- basically anyone who isn't a wealthy, white man. For someone who wants to be president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, Jeb has a startling dearth of understanding of people.
Konrad Juengling
Is this book more intended for children or adults?
This book is intended for adults. It's a satirical children's book, along the same vein as K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice. I thought it would be a succinct and entertaining way to introduce many different views that Jeb holds without someone having to read a novella.
What do you want people to take away from this book?
I would like people to take away the realization that Jeb is a poor candidate and poor politician. He is unable to connect to minority voters, holds discriminatory views and believes homosexual people are "sodomites." I would like people to research into the quotes and policies covered in the book and see there's actually a lot more information out there. More terrible policies, more dubious political connections, more horrible quotes. Perhaps there will be a Jeb's ABCs 2!
This interview has been edited for clarity.
Want to get Jeb's ABC for yourself? Head here.
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