This Scooter Doesn't Need A Push

This Scooter Doesn't Need A Push
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Space Scooter demonstration at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Kelly Ann Petry

Who hasn't played with a scooter before? The kick (or push depending on where you grew up) scooter has been roughly the same for the last hundred years. That changed in 2010, when the Space Scooter launched.

At first glance, the Space Scooter looks like a traditional scooter. But what sets it apart is that it is self propelled. The Space Scooter is kind of a hybrid scooter/bicycle; it has a foot pump mechanism that pushes it forward.

"Its quick and easy, and simple to play with. It's just fun," said Marielle De Silva De Freitas, Space Scooter global marketing manager.

The Space Scooter isn't designed with extreme sports in mind, mostly to be used for playtime and transportation for both children and adults. The X580 (an adult model) can reach a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour.

Since debuting in Europe, the Space Scooter has been very popular. According to De Silva De Freitas, one out of three children in the Netherlands has one.

The Space Scooter launched in North America at the Toy Industry Association's Toy Fair earlier this year. The product is aimed at encouraging activity in kids, De Silva De Freitas added.

"It takes kids off the couch. Parents really want their kids out and playing," she said.

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