This Seat Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy Experience The Joy Of Slides

This rocks.

Every kid deserves to know the fun that comes with going down a slide, and a team in Israel is trying to make that possible.

Two "Fixperts" from the the Holon Institute of Technology, Goren Harari and Adi Zohar, helped create a seat for a boy named Ali, who has cerebral palsy, so he can go down a slide. Harari and Zohar, along with Ali's physiotherapist Helen, appeared in a video showing the process of making the seat and demonstrating how Ali can now experience what it's like to go down a slide like thousands of other kids. While Ali sits in the seat, which helps him support his body, an adult can simply push him (and the seat) down the slide.

Based on Ali's grin as he makes it to the bottom, we'd say the seat works pretty well.

For instructions on how to make your own slide seat, head to Instructables.

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