This Sex Toy Simulates Oral Sex. Here's How It Actually Works.

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LELO's ORA 2 is cute, subtle and does something pretty awesome.
LELO's ORA 2 is cute, subtle and does something pretty awesome.

The final stage of global robot takeover is here: There’s a sex toy that simulates oral sex for women. OK, so maybe robots aren’t taking over the world, but this piece of technology sure seems life-changing.

The award-winning ORA 2 is one of the standout sex toys created by luxury pleasure brand LELO. The round, inconspicuous toy looks nothing like your go-to sex toy, but that’s because it does something most others don’t: It simulates the sensations that women experience when receiving oral sex.

The original line of ORA products launched in 2009, but the ORA 2 wasn’t released until two years ago. While the product is not brand new, the HuffPost Women team was so curious about what the creation process was like and (let’s be real) how it works. So, we spoke with CMO of LELO Steve Thomson to find out more about this pleasure plaything.

“We decided to create an oral sex simulator that feels incredible, and wouldn’t look out of place on your mantelpiece. An oral sex toy for the masses.”

- Steve Thomson, CMO of LELO

As Thomson explained, LELO wanted to make an “oral sex toy for the masses”; one that looks so pretty you could put it on your mantelpiece. And that’s exactly what the luxury sex toy company did.

Can you explain how the ORA 2 works?

The most important part of ORA™ is the vibrating nub, which we’ve come to call the “tongue.” At a certain point on the front surface of ORA™, there’s a bulging panel that rotates, swirls and vibrates beneath the surface of the silicone. As it moves underneath, the silicone on the surface bulges and moves with it, massaging the user like a tongue. This makes the sensations very soft and fleshy, so that with a little bit of water-based lube, ORA™ feels very much like a real tongue but doesn’t look anything like one, so it retains its trademark LELO elegance.

The vibrating motor is positioned right under the tongue, so the vibrations and transmitted perfectly to the user’s body. Like all the best designs, it’s a simple concept that’s very hard to explain but absolutely intuitive to use.

ORA™ is not a substitute or a replacement for sex, but rather an addition to it. That means that it’s not the kind of sex toy that will do all the hard work for you. Instead, it’s the kind of sex toy that works with you. It includes a unique technology that we invented for this product, called SenseTouch™. This means that ORA™ senses how hard or aggressively you’re using it and responds accordingly. The firmer you press it against your body, the more powerfully the tongue swirls and rotates.

What inspired LELO to create an oral sex simulator?

At LELO, the inspiration for a new pleasure product can come from anywhere: personal experiences, market trends, customer feedback, you name it. ORA™ exists because nothing like it existed at the time.

There have long been male masturbators for men. Big, ugly things with 1980s porn stars on the box, promising sensations that are better than real oral sex. Men have a huge selection of oral sex simulators, but there were none for women that you would be proud to own.

Oral sex simulators for women had been attempted in the past. No joke: they literally looked like a tongue on a stick. They looked like jokes. There is perhaps a market for hideous disembodied jelly tongues, but it’s a bit niche even by our standards. So we decided to create one that feels incredible, and wouldn’t look out of place on your mantelpiece. An oral sex toy for the masses. That’s a tough brief, but we did it.

Is this the first-ever sex toy that simulates oral sex for women?

If you spend long enough in the sex toy world, you learn that everything you can possibly imagine has been made and tried by some brave soul at somewhere. People are amazingly innovative when it comes to sex. There is, for example, a sex museum in South Korea in which one of the exhibits is an old bicycle that was converted to have dozens of leather ‘tongues’ instead of a tire, and the user would sit astride it and pedal, turning the wheel ― and therefore the tongues ― against herself.

History is full of those examples, they’re hugely fun. So it’s not really possible to say ORA™ was the first oral sex simulator. But it is the first you can walk into a shop and buy. And it is definitely the first you can carry through customs without embarrassment.

What has the feedback been like from women who have used the toy?

Personal pleasure is a very subjective thing, and not every woman enjoys oral sex. So people who dislike those sensations won’t get the best from ORA™ 2. However, women who love oral sex really love ORA™ 2, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a great way to learn, control and explore your own pleasure and sensations.

Head over to LELO to learn more about the ORA 2.

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