This Show Managed To Make The Breastfeeding vs. Formula-Feeding Debate Funny

Comedic, but informative.

A show known for highlighting the truth about trends like extreme diets and outdated wedding traditions has turned its focus to the breastfeeding vs. formula-feeding debate.

For its season two premiere, “Adam Ruins Everything,” which airs on truTV, features Emily, title character Adam’s friend, being told to not breastfeed her child in public but to also not supplement with formula (because moms just can’t win).

Luckily, another character stepped in to correct the judgy commentators with some information about nursing and formula-feeding and pointed out that many moms who have a difficult time breastfeeding and parents who foster and adopt have to turn to other solutions. She also called out the women who shamed Emily.

“How dare you judge how a mom feeds her kid,” she said.

The four-and-a-half-minute sketch mixes comedy with controversy, all while promoting a judgment-free environment for parents.

This month, actress Amanda Seyfried offered a similar take on whether moms should breastfeed or bottle-feed with a single tweet.

“Breastfeeding is awesome. Formula is awesome. Feeding your baby is awesome,” she tweeted. “Not awesome? Judgement.”