This Simple Trick Makes Your Weird Netflix Dreams Come True

Binge-watching just got a lot easier.
Winona Ryder can't wait!
Winona Ryder can't wait!

Pretty much everyone already loves that one Winona Ryder show on Netflix, but did you know the streaming service has even stranger things?

In a previous Netflix hacks post, we told you about the streaming service’s secret categories. These are Netflix’s specific — sometimes oddly specific —pages that group together all the movies and shows falling under a category or genre.

Previously, you had to use secret codes to access these pages, or you could get to them by going into that show or movie’s detail page and selecting the category you crave. For instance, from the “Stranger Things” page, you can get to categories such as “Teen TV Shows” or “Scary.” 

Let this GIF explain ...

What a gif.
What a gif.

Now, it’s getting even easier. 

Thanks to a Chrome extension called Netflix Categories (what else?), you can access a list of Netflix’s subcategories in your browser. Just install the extension, click on it and scroll to whatever category you’re feeling. You can even bookmark the categories you like the most.

It's in that big red circle with all the arrows.
It's in that big red circle with all the arrows.

Want “Movies for ages 8 to 10”? It’s got that. Want “Satanic Stories”? That’s a little weird, but it’s got that, too.

Mashable reports the extension won’t give you an exhaustive list of categories, but developer Deekshith Allamaneni is working on adding others.

Since Netflix also now makes it easier to delete your recent activity, if you’re not proud of the categories you stumble upon, we’d suggest doing that, too. Looking at you, “Satanic Stories” people. 

See the extension at work in the video below:



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