This Speakeasy Serves Insane Booze-Filled Boba Tea Drinks [WATCH]

Wait until you sip something called a Green Tea Heineken.
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Wait until you sip something called a Green Tea Heineken. Imagine a little bit of beer, a sweet green tea and honey boba in one icey, frothy drink. That's the kind of amazingness you can expect at Boba 7, an unassuming speakeasy built out of a backroom of a Thai restaurant called Soi 7 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Green Tea Heineken
What do I mean by "back room" you ask? I mean, the back room. Boba 7 literally shares a hallway with the Thai restaurant you have to enter through to get there. The entire experience lends to some of the timidness you might have already associated with going to a speakeasy. You enter a Thai restaurant, you try avoiding eye contact with the wait-staff because you actually don't want to eat at the Thai restaurant (it's good, I've had it before) but you're more interested in Elton, the cool amateur magician boba king slanging boozy teas in the very back of the building.

Once you barrel roll past some of the wait staff and servers in the communal hallway, you'll be greeted by a moody Boba 7 branding and Elton's friends manning the registers. Get a load of this menu -- the left side is alcoholic stuff, the right are their specialty drinks:

All the alcoholic drinks get served in glass (can't take it outside with you), while all the others get served in a traditional plastic cup for sips on the go. Here's a look at some of the doper items off the menu:

Boba Beam -- Blue Curacao Cocktail with Lychee Popping Bobba.
Bobagasm -- Irish Cream, Kahlua, Honey Boba
MangoFett -- Blended Soju margarita, mango flavors and lychee jelly

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