This Super Easy Trick Will Make Your Nails Look Longer

Nail this polish technique and fool everyone.

If your nail game is lacking, this is the switch-up you’ve been looking for.

To give yourself longer-looking nails, swipe a clear base coat or a light-colored polish on your nails and put a narrow stripe of a deeper color down the center, according to Cosmopolitan.

It looks like this:

The trick is gaining notoriety after manicurist Jin Soon Choi used it at the latest Vera Wang runway show at New York Fashion Week.

Cosmo is calling the trick “nail-contouring” because it effectively has the same contoured effect that a “highlighter above and below your cheekbones does to make them look sharper.”

Choi painted a base coat on the models’ nails and used either a powder-pink white or a blackberry red shade down the center of their fingers. She finished the design with a semi-matte topcoat.

This trick is so damn foolproof ― you literally just need to have a steady hand and a bottle or two of nail polish ― we’re a little ashamed we didn’t think of this ourselves.

We’ll be back soon, we have some painting to do.

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