This Grandpa Got Stood Up And Twitter Is Not Happy About It

"My grandpa got all dressed up for his date, drove 45 minutes away, bought her chocolate and flowers and he got stood up."

Public service announcement for daters: If you stand up a good man, be prepared for the Internet to come for you.

On Friday, 16-year-old Gabby Foresta posted this photo of her grandpa Jim Moroney. The 73-year-old is smiling and looking dapper as heck in the pic, but the poor guy had just been stood up for a date:

Foresta, who lives in Southern California, told us that her grandpa signed up for about four months ago and had been talking to this woman for a while.

“They kept trying to go out on dates but the lady kept canceling on him so eventually they planned to meet at a restaurant about an hour away from our house,” she said. “He waited there for an hour and left knowing she wasn’t going to show.”

The kind people on Twitter were not happy about that. Some even offered to go on a date with Moroney.

Don’t worry, Foresta’s grandpa let his date know he found her flakiness to be extremely rude.

“Later, he kindly called her and left a message saying that what she did to him hurt and wasn’t right,” Foresta told HuffPost. “They haven’t talked since.”

Gabby and her grandpa. 
Gabby and her grandpa. 

Luckily, the beautiful roses didn’t go to waste. Moroney stopped by his granddaughter’s house after getting ditched and gave them to her.

“My mom told me what happened before he got to the house so I immediately tried to make sure he was OK,” she said. “I cracked jokes and just tried to make him smile.”

The roses Moroney bought for his date. 
The roses Moroney bought for his date. 

And yes, Moroney is still looking for love. His ideal lady, according to his grandaughter, is “someone who’s kind and who’ll go to the gym with him. He’s looking for someone to just overall have a fun life with.”

Ladies, holler at your boy.