This Too-Real Baby Shower Card Is Diabolical

Welcome to parenthood!

A hilarious baby shower card gives parents-to-be a very real preview of what to expect when they bring home their little bundle of joy.

This prank card from Joker Greeting plays the sound of a newborn crying ... for over three hours. Listen to a preview in the video below.

The outside of the seemingly saccharine card reads, "A Baby is God's Sweetest Gift." The inside adds, "A gift that keeps on giving" and includes a button to press, presumably for music. But, instead of a song, the card plays the crying sounds and apparently continues for over three hours

To make the prank even more annoying, pressing the button again does not turn the crying noise off. Instead, it just makes it louder! Closing the card also does not make the crying stop.

Welcome to parenthood!

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