This Tool Will Calculate the Exact Cost of All Different Flight Options

This Tool Will Calculate the Exact Cost of All Different Flight Options
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Different airlines, airports, and days. Not to mention the baggage. That's a whole lot of variables to track.

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This small, nifty tool should calculate all of those stupid things. And determine the most important thing: the total cost of all available options. Just clone the template below to instantly start using it.

There are a few examples already preloaded in our template, but this spreadsheet can calculate up to 20 different flights or flight combos. Some variables accounted for include different dates, regional airports, ground transport costs, additional hotel costs, baggage allowance and whether or not it may be a direct flight.

If there is a missing variable, feel free to add a column within the blue expense section. It beats paper and pencil, or my personal favorite, constantly grabbing screenshots of flight options. Begone.

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