This Trans Man Just Came Out To The World In The Best Way Possible

This is absolutely adorable.

Coming out as queer isn't a "one and done" experience. Queer people must come out over and over again throughout their lives to many different people and in many different situations. 

So what better way to share the news with that you're living as your authentic self with as many people as possible than to make a video for all of your family and friends and anyone else who might happen upon it?

Henry Tadebois, a 24-year old Australian train driver, did just that in an adorable new clip called "Further Out of the Closet," in which he shares not only his new identity as a transgender man, but gives the people in his life a run-down of some of the changes he's going to go through.

Tadebois presents the news in a lighthearted, easy to understand way -- an attempt to be both relatable and educational. Not only does he break down the oftentimes-confusing LGBTQIA acronym, but he share ideas such as the changes that might take place in his body in a cute and fun framework.

"[The video's] original purpose was just to inform my friends of my transition -- I never expected it to be enjoyed by so many people and it's been amazing receiving everybody's encouraging and appreciative messages," Tadebois told The Huffington Post. "Maybe some have been educated by it, which is great. Maybe it's helped someone else who is also coming out of the closet -- that's even better! But if people can just get a laugh out of it that'd be enough to know I've entertained someone and put a smile on their face."

Congrats, Henry!

Check out the cute and educational video from Tadebois above.

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