This Trans Runner Is Breaking Barriers For All Queer Athletes

"Representation is important because it kind of shows that this is possible. Like you do belong and you're not the only one going through it."

The topic of queer athletes has become a major point of discussion with a record number of out LGB athletes at this year’s Rio Olympics. But the sports world has traditionally been dismissive of queer people, so we spoke with one athlete about her experience as both a trans woman and a runner.

HuffPost’s Maria Tridas chatted with Amelia Gapin on this week’s episode of “The Spectrum,” a bi-weekly series where we discuss diverse queer identities and experiences. Gapin, an engineer at Tumblr, underwent gender confirmation surgery in January and is training for the Chicago Marathon, which will be held in October. She was also the first trans woman to be featured on the cover of Women’s Running in July.

In the video above, watch Gapin discuss transitioning, hormones, recovering from surgery and her current training goals as she preps for her upcoming marathon.

This video was produced by Kira Brekke, Maria Tridas and Jacques Morel.

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