This Unexpected Ailment Might Be Causing Your Weight Loss Plateau - Part 2

It’s a warm, sunny day here on Day 5 of my vacation in Fire Island! After a rainy one yesterday where we didn’t get a chance to go out to eat or, really, do anything outside but grill in the rain, it looks like the forecast is opening up for the next couple of days. On the docket today is a work out on the deck, and to get a bit of a tan. We just got back from taking the dog for a long walk, so all’s going well!

Now then, as promised, today I will provide you with some more direction, as well as some more information, on how hormonal imbalances can be causing you to plateau. So, if you feel you’re doing everything you can on both the fitness and the nutritional side, and you’re STILL not losing weight, then this is an avenue you might want to look at. Not only may it help explain WHY you’re struggling, but it can point you in the right direction as to how to RESOLVE the struggle!

There are four common types of hormonal imbalances people can have that will inhibit weight loss: Adrenal, Liver, Ovary and Thyroid. Before I go into some quick and easy ways to begin to suspect something of the sort, PLEASE have a thorough blood test done to confirm any suspicions you may have! Just because you suspect something doesn’t mean it’s there… Valid data is imperative to overcoming and treating any pre-existing conditions that may be holding you back!

Getting back, there are some easy tell-tale signs of hormone issues preventing you from getting healthier and losing weight:

1) Body Shape: I’ll list the most common fat distributions below so you can gauge if this might be an issue…

- Adrenal: Sagging or hanging skin, in areas like the lower arms, the lower stomach, etc.

- Liver: A beer belly, where you’ll be lean in most areas of your body but your midsection, which will be solid and will appear like a bowling ball.

- Ovary (females only!): Saddlebags tend to be the main indicator, which is a often a lack of muscle mass between your glutes (butt) and your hamstrings, filled with fat and extra skin in its place. They can exist in other areas, as well, but this is the most common…

- Thyroid: Weight is pretty evenly distributed all over your body, so body shape won’t be as great of an indicator in this case.

2) Physical Signs: Depending on which hormone imbalance you may be suffering from, you’ll experience different physical signs outside of your body shape. Here are some of the most common physical signs for each…

- Adrenal: Joint pain, trouble sleeping, and thus, low energy

- Liver: Bloating, gas, indigestion, and pressure in the upper abdominal area

- Ovary: PMS, food cravings at certain times of month, excess bleeding and bloating during periods, and depression

- Thyroid: Slow metabolism, decreased sex drive, chronic fatigue, dry skin, and brittle hair

3) Food Cravings: Depending on the hormonal imbalance occurring, you may crave different types of processed foods. As with the ‘Body Shape’ and ‘Physical Sign’ sections, here’s a short list of the types of foods you’ll crave depending on this…

- Adrenal: Salty foods like cheese, popcorn, pretzels and chips in the early evening.

- Liver: Fried foods, often from fast food restaurants.

- Ovary: Not so much what you crave, as opposed to just having weird cravings at certain times of the month…

- Thyroid: Starchy foods, particularly sourdough-esque breads.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to it, but if you’re at a loss for what may be causing your weight loss plateau, then this could be it!

Again, I’m going to reiterate that if you suspect a hormone imbalance, please get a THOROUGH blood test performed on all of your hormone functions so that you can see if there’s more to it than that.

There can also be a combination of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so a thorough examination of your bloods can help in assisting you in correcting whatever’s going on that’s preventing you from losing weight and, ultimately, improving your health.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you suspect a hormonal imbalance, I’ll say it one more time: PLEASE get a through blood analysis performed so you can get an accurate look at what is (or isn’t) making your plateau incredibly difficult to overcome!

Until tomorrow :-)


Pete Weintraub

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