This Video Nails What The Holidays Are Like With Divorced Parents

Talk about a scheduling nightmare.

When you grow up with divorced parents, the holidays are complicated and then some. Sure, you get two Christmases (double gifts? Yes, please) but you also spend half the day running around from one house to another.

In the BuzzFeed video above, grown children of divorce share some of these super relatable holiday experiences.

"Every single year, no matter whose house I'm at, I get a call from the other parent being like, 'It's 11 o'clock, did you leave yet?'" one woman says.

And then there are the sneaky, persuasive tactics parents employ to get you to come to their place for dinner: "If you want to bring friends, you can bring friends to ours..."

Well played, mom. Watch the video above for more anecdotes.

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