This Video Of Beyoncé Getting Kissed Is Making People Seriously Uncomfortable

Actor Omari Hardwick has the Beyhive on high alert due to an awkward kiss.
Beyoncé takes the stage at the NAACP Image Awards Saturday in Los Angeles.
Beyoncé takes the stage at the NAACP Image Awards Saturday in Los Angeles.

Bowing down to Beyoncé is typically the best move when meeting the superstar ― even Chrissy Teigen has done it ― so it’s no surprise her fans have swarmed into formation because they believe actor Omari Hardwick disrespected their queen. 

At the NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, the “Lemonade” singer walked away with the night’s top prize for Entertainer of the Year. But an interaction during the gathering with Hardwick, who stars on the series “Power,” got the Beyhive buzzing in the wrong way. 

In videos, Hardwick is seen greeting Bey and her husband Jay-Z in the crowd. After shaking hands and posing for a photo with the rapper, the actor hugs and kisses Beyoncé on the cheek ... only to go in for another kiss that landed uncomfortably close to her mouth. 

While Beyoncé has yet to address the awkward moment ― and likely never will, given her aversion to any type of press these days ― her fans were quick to note how uneasy she appeared following Hardwick’s second kiss. 

And, of course, the Beyhive descended on Hardwick’s Instagram, filling his mentions up with bee emojis to teach him a lesson about why going in for that kiss was too much. 

“2nd kiss was unnecessary & uncomfortable. Don’t do that again,” one person wrote on Twitter to Hardwick. ”We women so often get touched, kissed, groped & poked in instances exactly like this (at an event, at work, etc). WE DON’T LIKE IT. It’s time to no longer let these moments of discomfort slide.”

“I dont presume to know how Beyonce feels but...ughhh that Omari Hardwick shit reminds me of encounters I’ve had with some men,” another person posted on Twitter. “Then you dont want to say anything because then people will look at you like you’re overreacting, so you just suffer being uncomfortable.”

Others were quick to note how a handshake would’ve been far more appropriate, and generally the best way to respect people’s boundaries. 

Hardwick has yet to address the backlash, as his mentions fill up with angry Bey stans. But if the “Who Bit Beyoncé?” scandal has taught us anything it’s that the truth will always come out. 

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