This Video Of Kendall Jenner Falling On Her Face Has 4 Million Views

Annnnnnd again!
A sister knows best. 
A sister knows best. 

It’s a sibling’s duty to document one another’s embarrassing moments for posterity, so it’s with open arms that we receive the gift of Kendall Jenner wiping out from her sister Khloe Kardashian

The reality TV star shared a video of her supermodel younger sister wearing a totally weather-inappropriate furry pink coat while riding a bicycle on Instagram Tuesday. Jenner proceeds to fall on her face as the bike hits the gravel, but she doesn’t seem too fazed, laughing on her way down. 

“My work here is done,” Kardashian captioned the video. 

My work here is done..... @kendalljenner

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If Khloe really wanted to drive her point home, she should’ve handed Kendall a Pepsi after her fall to make it all better. 



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