Video Of People Of All Ages Describing The Meaning Of Love Will Make You A Believer


What is love?

This video from Soul Pancake rounds up humans aged 0-105 to answer that age-old, tricky question, and their answers are incredibly honest and sweet. Of course, the babies in the video can’t fully articulate a response to the question, but if they could, their answers would probably be pure and loving because they’re, you know, babies. 

The answers are varied, but all delivered truly, and with a smile or glimmer in the speaker’s eye.

“It means you love somebody,” a 5-year-old answers, while a 10-year-old simply says, “I’m not really sure how to answer this question.”

One rather cynical 35-year-old man responds to the question, calling love “the greatest marketing campaign ever invented.”

But he stands alone in his skepticism. A 65-year-old woman says, “It means, in a funny way, freedom -- because you’re free to feel so many feelings deeply.”

And what really made us feel all the feelings deeply was the video’s finale -- a 105-year-old man who says softly, while getting choked up, “Love means a lot ... it means a lot.”

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