This Video Shows The Amazing Evolution Of Black Men's Hair Over A Century

The story of how black men went from texturizer to team natural.
Creators used Little Richard’s conk as the inspiration for the 1950s look.
Creators used Little Richard’s conk as the inspiration for the 1950s look.

WatchCut is focusing on the fellas in its latest video for its "100 Years of Beauty" series.

The video pays homage to a century of iconic hair trends for black men in a little over a minute. Tackling conks, high tops, cornrows and more, the handsome model rocks each cut with style.

Check out his time traveling adventure through hair history below and keep scrolling to read more.

WatchCut's Chris Chan explained in a behind-the-scenes video that the style from each decade was modeled after specific people or groups in history. Chan said his crew drew inspiration from aviation pioneer William J. Powell Jr., Little Richard, Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others. 

Chan said that it was important for the video to show black men's hairstyles go deeper than what may have been trendy at the time.

"One thing we wanted to be very clear about in this video is that hair and politics are always intertwined," he said.

Chan also said that the drastic physical change shown in the video in just a few decades of the hair on this one black man was a result of the men who probably felt policed by Eurocentric beauty standards and who years later transitioned to a naturally defiant and liberating style, instead.

"To pick out your afro and wear it so proudly completely resists those forms of discipline that have been on black bodies," Chan said. 

Though black men's hair probably won't be completely free from the public's scrutiny, videos like this remind us that the beauty and versatility of black hair should always be celebrated. 

Picked-out 'fros became very popular in the 1970s.
Picked-out 'fros became very popular in the 1970s.


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