Why Women's Equality Should Matter To Everyone

This video explains.

"Without equality, we cannot call ourselves a democracy."

That's what one woman had to say in a powerful video about why women's equality is important.  

In honor of Women's Equality Day, the website Women You Should Know asked their readers and social media followers to send in video clips of themselves explaining why gender equality matters to them. 

People of all genders and ages chimed in, citing statistics about wage inequality and other gender gaps, telling personal stories and expressing their hopes for change. 

"Women make up 51 percent of the U.S. population, but only 20 percent of Congress," one woman pointed out. Another points out, "my gender should not limit my rights."

One male reader, who sent in a video clip featuring his two daughters, said:

"Human rights are not a zero-sum game. Women gaining equality in no way diminishes my own rights."

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