This Video Will Make You Want To Grow Old In Australia

We are ready to pack our bags and go.

With so many negative images floating around about what aging looks like, this Australian video ad campaign that celebrates growing old Down Under is like a breath of fresh air. 

The ad for TAL, Australia’s leading insurance brand, used street casting to achieve its authentic feel. It shows a cross-section of Australians of all ages, taking part in things like rugby, diving and nightclubbing. Older Australians are seen surfing, fishing and dancing.

“We found real people who love what they do, and that for me was the heart of TAL. To really try and find that unique and wonderful Australian spirit,” said director Kim Gehrig in a statement. She added that the campaign was an opportunity to really look at Australia again: “I grew up in Australia and I (very sadly) live in London. To spend time with Australians in their natural habitat, in so many different environments, from the outback, to the surf and the city… just to be with people and get a real sense of life in Australia now, was just wonderful.”

For those who would rather not take an ad’s word for it, there is the Global AgeWatch Index, which ranks countries by how well their older populations are faring. Global AgeWatch puts Australia at 17th out of 96. Topping the list is Switzerland, but does anyone want to compare the fun factor of the Swiss vs the Aussies? Didn’t think so.

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