This Virtual Reality Device Nails 'The Real Latino' Experience

“Where are the Cuban mobsters? Where are the war lords?”

The Latino virtual reality experience may just be a prototype but it should help everyone see the community a bit more authentically.

The hilarious but fictional device is the subject of a recent Flama video, the new technology offers users a Latino perspective that is very different from what many non-Latinos might expect.

“I think I finally captured the real Latino experience, just like you asked,” Carlos, the creator of the Latino virtual experience, tells his non-Latino boss in the video which was posted Tuesday.  

The first simulation takes him to room with a briefcase, the boss expects to find drugs or money inside but instead finds immigration paperwork. 

“Where are the Cuban mobsters? Where are the war lords?” he asks Carlos, who assures him a Cuban lawyer is about to enter the room to help him get a green card.

And when his boss insists on experiencing a stereotypical version of Latino life ― “Where are the parties? Where are the women?” ― Carlos gives him a true dose of reality. 

Watch the real Latino virtual reality experience in the video above. 



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