This Vogue Ball Reimagining Of 'Cell Block Tango' Will Have You Gagging

"You throw shade at me one more time..."

For queers who love musicals, "Chicago" tends to be a favorite.

Now, an iconic scene from this Broadway hit -- "Cell Block Tango" -- has been reimagined by a group of performers and artists who navigate the ballroom scene.

"Vogue Ball Tango" is the brainchild of performer Kemar Jewel, who previously brought us "Voguing Train" and "The Runway Museum." Jewel upped the production value for "Vogue Ball Tango" -- and it's absolutely stunning.

"After the success of my other two videos, 'Voguing Train' and 'The Runway Museum,' I wanted to continue showing the world the magic and wonder of voguing and the ballroom scene," Jewel told The Huffington Post. "My goal was to marry my two loves: Broadway and Ballroom. I wanted to show everyone that although 'Chicago' and voguing are worlds and worlds apart, there is a bridge that links the two."

We certainly agree, and this is quickly becoming one of our favorite recontextualizations of the iconic scene from Chicago.

Well done, queens!