This Was My Story


In 2011, I found myself living in a homeless shelter. That for certain was my "rock bottom," but I'm so grateful for that moment in my life. If I hadn't experienced living in that homeless shelter when I did, I don't know where I would be right now, or what I would be doing with my life. What was so powerful about going through that rough patch in my life was that I was able to appreciate everything that I had. And I'm not talking about just tangible items, I'm talking about LIFE!

If there ever a time that I was humble, this was it. The way I walked, the way I talked and the way I carried myself was like that of a humble servant. Someone who had been stripped of everything he praised and worshipped so that he could finally focus his attention on what's most important in this world -- my relationship with God. Not only did I not want to hear the voices of people that I knew during this time, God arranged for me to separate myself from everyone that I knew, so that I could build a stronger relationship with him.

And in that, he helped me realized that I had everything that I needed to be successful in life, love and relationships. I simply had to throw away my pride, ego and vanity so that I could rely solely on the things that proved to be substantial -- Love! When I took on this new approach (i.e. showing love), doors immediately began to fly open for me. I was able to land a job because of my attitude. I was able to build relationships with new people because of my attitude, my relationship with my son's mother grew stronger because of my attitude, my availability for my son on the weekends was firmly established because of my attitude.

No longer did I see value in spending my weekends in clubs or in bars. I wanted to spend those days focusing on being there for my son. This change in me was so exciting, I couldn't hold it in. I had to share this good news with other people and show them effective ways they could improve their own lives and then turn around and do it for others. Today, if anyone is feeling stuck and needs help moving forward, all they have to do is ask.

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