'This Week' Comes In First As 'Meet The Press' Ratings Trouble Continues

Thursday brought good news for George Stephanopoulos--and more bad news for David Gregory.

ABC's "This Week," which Stephanopoulos hosts, won the Sunday show ratings in both major categories for the first time in a year. CBS's "Face the Nation" came in second, and Gregory's "Meet the Press" came in third.

Gregory has been coming in third an awful lot lately. ABC crowed in a press release that "This Week" has topped "Meet the Press" for four out of the last five Sundays.

The latest news came just weeks after NBC was forced to step in and defend Gregory after it was reported that "Meet the Press" has been getting some of its lowest ratings in over 20 years.

Recently, a new executive producer, Rob Yarin, was brought in to oversee "Meet the Press." It's just one of several changes that have occurred in the past year for the embattled news division, which now has a new president, Deborah Turness.

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