Here's How This Woman Is Changing The Lives Of Jamaica's LGBT Youth

Some of the biggest LGBT news stories from the past week.

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Our #UnicornOfTheWeek Is This Woman Who's Helping Jamaica's LGBT Youth
Our #UnicornOfTheWeek is Moni Tep, who is helping the LGBT youth of Jamaica.

Musician Nomi Ruiz On What It's Like To Be Trans In The Music Industry
Nomi Ruiz talks about what it’s like to be trans in the music industry.

Why Companies Are Doubling Down On LGBT Ads This Year
Bob Witeck talks about why ad companies are doubling down on LGBT ads this year.

Is The NBA Serious About Ending Homophobia Amid Rajon Rondo Controversy?
Cud Ziegler talks about Rajon Rondo’s homophobic comments towards referee Bill Kennedy.

Model Carmen Carrera On Why She Doesn't Always Want To Be Considered Trans
Model Carmen Carrera discusses why she doesn’t want to be considered trans.

How Facebook's Updated Privacy Policy Relates To Queer People
JamesMichael Nichols talks about Facebook’s updated privacy policy and how it relates to queer people.