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Woman Photoshops Celebs Over Pics Of Her Ex, And It's Hilarious

Who needs a boyfriend when you have Photoshop skills?

Photographer and TV writer Kaitlin Kelly has a lot of great photos of herself saved on her computer. Unfortunately, many of them include her ex.

Or at least they used to include her ex. When a friend jokingly suggested she swap celebrities into the pics, the 25-year-old was game for the challenge. Why let a perfectly good photo go to waste when you could have Jamie Dornan in it?

Or Tom Hardy and "Outlander" hottie Sam Heughan with their arms around you?

Kelly, who lives in Los Angeles, told The Huffington Post she was surprised how cathartic it felt to add the celebs into her old pics.

"Humor truly is the best medicine," she said. "Seeing the photos makes me laugh and there's nothing like laughter to make you forget bad memories or awkwardness."

Soon, she gave the same treatment to pictures of her ex-girlfriend. Here's a night out with Megan Fox!

And a cozy scene with Cobie Smulders:

Eventually, requests started coming in from people who appreciated Kelly's Photoshop skills and wanted some pics of their own redone. Here's one woman with her main squeeze, Lenny Kravitz ... and her other main squeeze, Tyson Beckford:

Here's someone else with her boo, Andrew Garfield:

If you'd like Kelly to work her magic on your photos, you'll be happy to hear that she's currently setting up an Etsy shop to field requests. (In the meantime, send a message through her photography website.)

"So far I've gotten hundreds of stories e-mailed to me through my website, telling me about horrible breakups and bad exes -- sort of like a relationship confessional," she said. "It feels really amazing to help people."

See more of Kelly's hilarious (and healing!) work below.

Kaitlin Kelley
Kaitlin Kelley
Kaitlin Kelley

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