This Year, How About a Mind Cleanse? Get Over Beliefs That Hold You Back

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For some folks, it's the parties and the midnight kisses on New Year's Eve. For others, it's the love and good luck cooked into black-eyed peas on New Year's Day.

For me, the excitement of the new year lies mostly in the ritual of making resolutions.

I am a woman who believes in reinvention. I preach it, teach it, and I love to see people taking on that challenge.

We can, of course, choose ANY time of year to look at our lives, to decide what feels right and what doesn't, and then to make meaningful changes -- be they big or small. But something about the month of January electrifies our desire to be our best selves.

The calendar is starting fresh! And so can we.

That said, anyone with a few new years under her belt knows that not every resolution lives to see February. Many fizzle as fast as spent fireworks.

I've thought a lot about what makes the difference. So have lots of reinvention-minded thinkers out there. Stores are full of tips and tools -- from scientific breakdowns of how many repetitions it takes to form a new habit; to apps for tracking progress on a resolution; to bracelets that monitor your sleep, heart rate and other bodily functions along the way.

What you might not notice about the array of products is that most focus on adding things to your life. A new regimen. A new gadget. A new priority. And let me quickly note that new stuff can be great.

But what I encourage you also to consider is what you may need to subtract. In other words, ask yourself: What do I need to get over?

Think of this exercise as a kind of cleanse. Many people embark on nutritional cleanses at the start of a new year to rid their bodies of toxins that hinder their well-being. I think it's also a great time to purge yourself of self-limiting beliefs.

I'm too old to change my career. I'm too far out of shape to get fit. I'm not smart enough, talented enough or special enough to pursue my dream...

I find in my own life and with my clients, such thoughts are the reasons behind long-desired, never-enacted changes. They are why we don't follow through on what we truly want to do.