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This Year Put on Your Magician Hat!

In addition to setting intentions and taking aligned actions I regularly use powerful manifesting tools. I use the manifestation tools I've learned to support me in so many of my life's journeys.
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Today, I want to share something that I'm super passionate about, that I practice, and that I teach to everybody I work with: The Art of Manifesting.

Now wait, don't zone out yet! Let's mention the elephant in the room: The word "manifesting" has a bad woo-woo reputation. I know, and I think that's really sad. Here's why:

- Research proves that we have power to create our reality from our mind (1, 2, 3)
- Traditional philosophies and religions have recognized and taught about this power for ages. Buddha said "We are what we think. With our thoughts we make the world" (4), and Jesus taught "Whatever you ask in a prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)(5)
- When we don't own our power, we become victimized and alienated.

Manifesting literally means bringing our visions into reality. Since I discovered this powerful idea I began to practice it and I can tell you: It seriously works!

During the holiday break I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in my studio. One day I turned my head while I was thinking about something and my eyes stopped on my vision board. I followed it -- the writings and drawings and dreams -- and I was astonished: Everything that I wanted to happen in my life and that I shared on that board has happened or is happening, now, as I write!

We can passively live our life and let life happen to us. Or, we can claim responsibility and authorship for our life, design it, and create it.

In addition to setting intentions and taking aligned actions I regularly use powerful manifesting tools. I use the manifestation tools I've learned to support me in so many of my life's journeys. I've manifested the love of my life, my move to the U.S., and my green card.

I even manifested my home with it's beautiful apothecary and garden. Here's how: Sometime ago I was working with my coach and I decided it was about time to think about my ideal home. So I spent some time dreaming about it, writing about it, describing the details, drawing floor plans and designing the garden. One day, out of nowhere, while at a party with friends I was introduced to a lender and, flash forward a few days, and my husband and I are sitting with the buyer's agent. When he asked about our preferences I began to describe with incredible detail what we were looking for. My husband and I had talked about this, but my description was so detailed that it seemed I had been in the house before.

At the second house viewing the buyer's agent and I stepped in the house and as soon as we opened the door I told him "This is it." It was everything I had dreamed -- the dimensions, the view, the smells, the sensations. The following week we made the offer, and the following month we moved in.

As I said, my husband and I had talked about this, but when things developed so fast and organically even he was surprised. I knew deeply that all my 'magic' had worked! (I write, as I sip my chamomile tea, harvested from my medicinal garden.)

Affirmations, painted pictures, vision boards, and many others powerful tools enable us to activate our creative power. When we play with manifesting we begin to instill our desires and intentions with creative energy. And things happen...

Now picture this: It's the beginning of the year, and you're ready to see your desires and goals come to life. How? Add your power: align your goals with your deepest dreams, use manifesting tools, and make wise plans all in alignment with your soul's needs. BOOM! A cloud nine kind of 2015!

So my best wish for you this year is Put On Your Magician Hat and create your dream life!

I'm so passionate about this powerful approach that I want to share it with everybody. I'm offering a free teleseminar on the Art of Manifesting where I will teach how to begin the process of manifesting by setting powerful intentions and using these amazing tools.
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