These Are The 12 Best Art GIFs Of 2014

These Are The 12 Best Art GIFs Of 2014

Mixing past and present with humor and style, art and GIFs are the perfect pairing, bringing stunning illustrations, and vectors to life through Photoshop. Tumblr's 2014 Year in Review surfaces some of the best digital animated art from artist's across the network. So we sifted through the selections, and chose our favorites from this past year.

The following collection features work from T.S. Abe, whose soft
pencil sketches swirl with the help of some digital sorcery, and a remixed James Abbott McNeill Whistler -- ever heard of him? -- whose iconic "Miss Cicely Alexander" gets her groove on with the help of that sweet GIF magic. From art historical reboots to 3D optical illusions, scroll through and enjoy some of the best GIFs this year.

Best 19th century dance break
Best art historical remix
Best liquid Yin (and Yang)
Best match of rock, paper, scissors... Ever
Best DIY hypnosis
Best sketch in motion
Best hole in the wall
Best bouncy, happy family
Best breaking the fourth wall
Best color wheel
Best process of a portrait
Best grid in motion

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