Hilarious #ThisGranCan Video Shows The Badass Side Of Grandmas

Who says life has to slow down after 50? These wild and daring grans are proof that your possibilities are still limitless, even as you get older.

UK-based car manufacturer Vauxhall released this video as part of their #ThisGranCan campaign to celebrate the launch of their new Viva model, an update of the car that was first made in the early 1960s.

Vauxhall wanted to compare the lives of people over 50 now with how their lives would have been as middle-agers half a century ago.

Older women everywhere can rejoice with the company's portrayal of "grans" as trailblazing, daring adventurers who are up for anything. "Dare, dream, discover," the video says as it shows women of a certain age fearlessly pursuing feats like skydiving, jet skiing, riding in a race car and even getting wild on stage at a concert.

In an effort to shatter stereotypes, Vauxhall carried out its own poll of over 2,000 over-5os to discover their views on aging and found that four out of five respondents feel no different now than they did in their 20s. Many of them even described getting a second wind for adventure in their 50s and listed getting a tattoo and making splurge purchases among their top goals.

Check out the video above and take heart in knowing that age is nothing but a number.

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