Shovel Beats Gun In Strip Club Showdown: Cops

Shovel Beats Gun In Strip Club Showdown: Cops

Never bring a gun to a shovel fight.

Two men were able to use a shovel to fend off a gunman who was allegedly trying to rob one of them at around 2 a.m. Friday, Bay News 9 reports. Thomas Allopenna, 26, had just emerged from The Players Club, a strip club in Hudson, Florida, and was sitting in his truck when deputies say 22-year-old Jonathan Luis Crespo fired five shots from a handgun into the vehicle’s window.

Allopenna was struck three times. He then got out of the truck and grabbed Crespo, who allegedly demanded Allopenna hand over all his belongings, according to Patch. That’s when a bystander, who has not been identified, ran over with a shovel and hit Crespo with it. Allopenna then took control of the shovel and continued beating the would-be robber.

Both Crespo and Allopenna were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a hospital, according to the Tampa Tribune. Crespo is charged with armed robbery and attempted murder.

The Players Club celebrated Allopenna's victory in a Facebook post Friday night:

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