Thomas Cordero, Nude Housekeeper, Acquitted In Killing Of John Conley

A Bronx jury acquitted a nude housekeeper who was charged with murdering one of his clients.

There was DNA evidence and a confession that worked against Cordero, but the jury found there wasn't enough evidence to convict him for the slaying of a 50-year-old client, John Conley.

Prosecutors said Conley hired Cordero as a nude housekeeper through

From the Daily News:

In a taped statement, Cordero, 41, claimed Conley tried to rape him and that he took a knife from the victim and stabbed him.

Testifying at his trial, Cordero recanted his confession, saying he never went to Conley's apartment and that cold-case Detective Steven Berger coerced his admission. He also said he feared cops would sodomize him with a broomstick if he didn't profess his guilt.

Cordero was free Wednesday night for the first time since his 2007 arrest.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Cordero told jurors, who took two hours to reach a verdict.

Cordero later reiterated his innocence to reporters and added, "I'm relieved. I got my life back."