Professor's Anti-Gay E-mail Lands Him In Hot Water

Professor's Anti-Gay E-mail Lands Him In Hot Water

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student Crystal Kazik just wanted some faculty support for a gay and lesbian film festival she aided in organizing.

What she got in return was an e-mail from one professor that has caused a "furor" at the school, according to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

Tom Hilton, chairman of the university's information systems department, sent an e-mail in late September urging senior Crystal Kazik to reconsider hosting the Eau Queer Film Festival, a gay- and lesbian-friendly event that Kazik helped organize.

"I decry attempts to legitimize (homosexuals') addictions and compulsions. These, our fellow humans, deserve our best efforts to help them recover their lives. We only hurt them further when we choose to pretend that these walking wounded are OK the way they are, that their present injuries are the best they can hope for in life," Hilton wrote in an e-mail Sept. 24 to Kazik and Judith Gray, an administrative assistant for the women's studies department.

The UW-Eau Claire Spectator reports that administrative action will be taken against Hilton, who told the paper that he is sorry for sending the e-mail. "As far as I'm concerned, this is a mess I made and they are having to spend good money on cleaning it up and I just feel bad for it," Hilton said.

What do you think? Big deal or not at all? Weigh in below.

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