Thomas Jefferson Slave Paternity Rumors: New Study Questions Evidence That Former President Fathered Sally Hemings' Child

Thomas Jefferson stamped his place as a founding father with a slew of political and scholarly accomplishments. From his authoring of the Declaration of Independence, to his founding of the University of Virginia, Jefferson's fingerprints are all over America's successes.

Professional points aside, Jefferson's personal life has come with its share of questions. Conventional wisdom has linked the third president of the United States to one of his female slaves, Sally Hemings. While the accusations against Jefferson date back to attacks during his presidency, The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society has compiled information pointing away from perceived connections as the father of one of Hemings' children.

The new scholarly report could refute those rumors. Using a combination of DNA evidence and documentation, these findings suggest that a different member of the Jefferson family could have fathered Hemings' child.