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Thomas Langenbach, Silicon Valley Tech Executive, Busted For Massive LEGO Theft (VIDEO)

Ten year old boys aren't the only ones willing to do anything for the latest LEGOs. One Silicon Valley executive was caught embezzling thousands of dollars worth of LEGOs from Bay Area Target stores.

Thomas Langenbach, an executive at the German software giant SAP, allegedly put fake bar codes on expensive LEGO sets at various Target stores in order to buy the toys at a drastically discounted price. Since last April, he has reportedly sold 2,100 LEGO items on eBay with a profit of $30,000, according to NBC Bay Area.

"This probably happens more often than you'd think," said Mountain View police spokeswoman Liz Wylie to NBC. "But this is the first time we've ever had a case like this."

Langenback was arrested May 9 and posted the $10,000 bail only hours later, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday on four felony accounts of burglary.

Officials searched Langenbach's posh San Carlos home and found hundreds of sets of the childhood building blocks still in their boxes, as well as many structures he had buit himself.

Eight bags of revised bar code stickers were also found in his car.

Allegedly, Langenbach bought a $279 box of Millenium Falcon box of LEGOS for just $49, and he bought a $90 Anakin LEGO set for about $35, SFist reported.

Check out details on the alleged scam below, courtesy of NBC Bay Area: