Thomas Markle Jr. Is Getting Married, Says He'll Invite Sister Meghan

"Maybe they can start their new year's off and actually be more family-involved," he said about his sister and Prince Harry.

Thomas Markle Jr. is getting married and says he’s inviting his sister, the former Meghan Markle, and her husband, Prince Harry.

But we wouldn’t clear space at the head table just yet for the royal couple.

Thomas Markle Jr., 52, and his 38-year-old fiancee, Darlene Blount, hosted a party on New Year’s Eve to celebrate their planned wedding in Nevada in March, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Despite the simmering tensions between the Duchess of Sussex and her father, Thomas Markle Sr., and her brother, Junior is asking his famous sister to attend. “Of course I’ll throw in an invitation to Meghan and Harry,” he told Daily Mail TV in the clip below. “Maybe they can start their new year’s off and actually be more family-involved.”

“It would be a really good chance for her and my father to reunite and put their differences behind them,” he added. 

Or perhaps he could save the stationery, given the various levels of estrangement in the family.

Thomas Markle Jr. reportedly didn’t receive an invite to Meghan’s wedding and urged Prince Harry in a letter not to marry his “conceited” sister. And Thomas Markle Sr. and his duchess daughter have apparently been on the outs since her dad staged paparazzi photos just before the royal wedding and then declined to attend because of an apparent heart attack. Then he followed with a few unflattering interviews, including a recent one in which he said his daughter has mistreated him.

Not to mention that Meghan is expecting in the spring. Just another reason to skip her bro’s nuptials.