"I’ve never played pool naked, nor have I dressed up as a Nazi," the Duchess of Sussex's father said.

Thomas Markle is trying to win back the attention and affection of his daughter Meghan Markle with a profanity-laced interview pointing out Prince Harry’s past mistakes and revealing she gave away weed as a wedding favor at her first nuptials to director Trevor Engelson.

In an extensive interview with The Mail on Sunday published over the weekend, Markle, a former Hollywood lighting director, talked about how he’s tried to reach his daughter, whom he reportedly hasn’t spoken to since the day after her royal wedding with Harry in May.

“I’ve pleaded with her to pick up the phone. I wrote her a two-page letter and sent it by certified mail via her representative in Los Angeles,” he said. “I asked her why she was believing the lies. I also pointed out the Royals haven’t always been perfectly behaved. I wrote that I’ve never played pool naked, nor have I dressed up as a Nazi.”

Harry infamously wore a Nazi swastika armband to a party in 2005, and played pool naked in Las Vegas in 2012 (pictures later surfaced of the prince holding his crotch in a hotel room).

Thomas Markle also complained about “lies” about him in the press. He said he won’t stop trying to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, even though he said he’s “been frozen out.”

“Everyone says, why don’t I just shut the fuck up? That Meghan can’t speak to me because I’ll give away secrets. But that’s bullshit,” he said.

Thomas Markle during an interview with "Good Morning Britain" earlier this year.
Thomas Markle during an interview with "Good Morning Britain" earlier this year.
Good Morning Britain

Markle added: “I’ve been accused of every terrible thing you can think of. In one magazine they had an awful story about Prince Charles right beside one about me. But no one is shunning Prince Charles.”

Markle reportedly provided documents to the Daily Mail showing he did indeed have a heart attack that he said prevented him from walking his daughter down the aisle at the royal wedding. He also showed a photo of Meghan’s wedding invitation to her first husband, Engelson, and revealed the two gave guests an untraditional party favor ― a gift bag of weed.

“It’s illegal, but it’s no big deal in Jamaica. It’s almost customary down there. I don’t smoke weed and to the best of my knowledge nor does Meghan,” Markle added. “I don’t know what I did with mine. I think I gave it away. I kept the bag and I use it to keep the sea air [at his Mexican beachside home] off one of my Emmys.”

Markle has been trash-talking the royal family and his daughter for months, once going so far as to invoke the memory of Princess Diana.

Members of the royal family “have Meghan treating her father in a way that Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, would have loathed,” he complained to the Mail on Sunday in August. “That’s not what Diana stood for.”

Much like Thomas Markle, the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, also has been making efforts to reconnect with her now-royal estranged sibling.

Meghan Markle (L) and her half-sister, Samantha Grant (R).
Meghan Markle (L) and her half-sister, Samantha Grant (R).

Grant flew to London in September and visited Buckingham and Kensington palaces in an effort to reach the former “Suits” actress.

“I’ve always wanted to see London, but really, I wanted to make the trip and sort of speak the wishes and thoughts and sentiments of my father and hopefully get a message to my sister,” Grant said in an interview with U.K.’s Channel 5 show with Jeremy Vine in October.

“I was hoping maybe we would have the chance to speak — that she would know I was here. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

She added: “Moving forward, I apologize and wish things could be different.”

Kensington Palace doesn’t comment on interviews with Meghan’s family members. Engelson didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s request for a response.

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