Even Donald Trump Is Slamming GOP Lawmaker Delaying Coronavirus Bill

Republicans and Democrats are condemning Rep. Thomas Massie for insisting legislators vote in person instead of holding a "voice vote."

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) has managed to unite leaders from both parties ― they largely think he is, in the words of former Secretary of State John Kerry, “an asshole.”

The congressman has refused to go along with a so-called voice vote that would not require members to be present in the House chamber in order to vote on coronavirus relief legislation. As a result, many politicians are having to fly to Washington, D.C., and risk getting infected to vote on the bill in person.

And they weren’t happy. Even President Donald Trump attacked Massie, calling him a “third rate Grandstander” on Twitter.

Kerry, who has had his own encounters with the Republican congressman, didn’t mince words.

Other politicians from both sides of the aisle also chimed in. 

Some reportedly tried to reason with Massie while on the floor of the House ― but were unsuccessful.

Many people noted that Massie forcing an in-person vote ― on a bill that is almost guaranteed to pass anyway ― could have dire consequences.

To be fair, a couple of Massie’s Republican colleagues did defend him for being “principled.”

But Republican strategist Rick Wilson saw a bigger issue at play.

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