Thomas Roberts Confronts Tim Miller: Is Romney Going To Release Who His Bundlers Are? (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and RNC deputy communications director Tim Miller had a testy exchange Thursday over Mitt Romney's donors.

On the campaign trail on Tuesday, Romney alleged that the Obama administration granted loans to manufacturers that later shipped jobs overseas. His campaign has also claimed that those companies, like Fisker, got those loans in part because they were linked to Obama's campaign bundlers — fundraisers who gather donations from individuals.

Roberts took issue with those allegations on Thursday, pointing out Fisker received its loan under the Bush administration. Then, he confronted Miller over Romney's failure to disclose his bundlers.

"The only reason why Team Romney is able to target who Fisker is and any tax money they got is because the bundlers that have been supporting President Obama... have been released, whereas Mitt Romney's bundlers have not been released so we don't know the money that has been going into that team," Roberts said. He asked if the Romney campaign would be making those names public.

Miller insisted that "all of Romney's donors are public," and suggested that Roberts was "conflating a lot of things."

The MSNBC host continued to press him on the issue. "Isn't there a little bit of hypocrisy there?" he asked. When Miller again insisted that the identity of Romney's donors was public, Roberts said "not his bundlers."

Later, the two got into heated cross-talk over whether Fisker was a bundler.



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