New Jersey 'Pooperintendent' Pleads Guilty To Public Defecation

Thomas Tramaglini's lawyer insisted his client is not a serial pooper.

A former high school superintendent in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to public defecation on a local high school’s track and football field.

Thomas Tramaglini pleaded guilty to the charge on Wednesday as part of a plea deal with prosecutors to dismiss charges of public lewdness and littering, according to The New York Post.

He will also have to pay a $500 fine and court costs.

The 42-year-old Tramaglini was the superintendent of the Kenilworth School District until his arrest in May for lewdness, littering and defecating in public. The district accepted his resignation in July.

It seems the athletic coaches and other staffers at Holmdel High School, which is not in Tramaglini’s former school district, were repeatedly “finding human feces” at or near the track and football field “on a daily basis,” according to The Asbury Park Press.

Staffers monitored the field until they identified Tramaglini, 42, as the No. 1 No. 2 suspect.  

Thomas Tramaglini was arrested in May for lewdness, littering and defecating in public. He said he had a one-time c
Thomas Tramaglini was arrested in May for lewdness, littering and defecating in public. He said he had a one-time case of "runner's diarrhea" on the day of the incident.

After the alleged offense, the media tagged Tramaglini the “Pooperintendent,” but Tramaglini’s attorney, Matthew Adams, insisted his client is no serial pooper.

“Today’s facts are contrary to the narrative that was spun about this person that was supposedly a serial offender doing things on the open track,” he told The Asbury Park Press.

Adams blamed Tramaglini’s public pooping on “runner’s diarrhea,” which describes as “the sudden urge to go as you’re pounding the pavement on a multi-mile jog.” 

Tramaglini had a “medical emergency” at the track field of the day of his arrest and dealt with it under the bleachers, obscured from public view, and “cleaned up after himself,” Adams claimed, according to

“There’s no evidence he was ever a serial offender,” Adams told the website. “We were ready to go to trial on some of the allegations about certain dates with GPS evidence from his Garmin running watch. That story needs to be told.”

Though Tramaglini pleaded guilty, he is planning to sue the Holmdel Township Police Department for releasing his mug shot after his arrest, according to



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