Thompson Planning Fundraisers In Fire-Ravaged California

Thompson Planning Fundraisers In Fire-Ravaged California

2007-10-25-thomp.jpgFormer senator Fred Thompson is slated to visit southern California early next week. But it's not to aid the recovery of a region ravaged by out-of-control wildfires. Instead, Thompson will be collecting cash for his presidential campaign at a series of high-end fundraisers.

The awkward timing of the campaign events is, of course, no fault of Thompson's. Invitations went out well before the fires started raging. But an aide to the senator acknowledged that the fundraiser schedule, though tenuous, remains as planned -- including one event set for Monday in Rancho Sante Fe, where hundreds have been forced to evacuate from their homes.

"We are constantly monitoring the fires and how they might affect the schedule," the aide told the Huffington Post. "And we are the process of reviewing and revising if necessary."

As Thompson focuses on pulling cash out of California, several other presidential candidates are helping send funds in the other direction. The Clinton, Obama, and Edwards campaigns have placed large displays on their Web sites encouraging visitors to donate or volunteer to aid the fire victims. Of the top four Republican campaigns, only McCain's has a similar solicitation.

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