Thongs, Corsets, Strapless Bras And The 6 Other 'Most Painful' Fashion Trends (PHOTOS)

The 9 Most Painful Fashion Trends Ever

Growing up my mom had a saying: "Beauty is pain." What she meant was that as women, there's a certain amount of discomfort in our beauty practices (and she was usually saying this as I was whining about her pulling my hair into a French braid).

The wise adage continues to be true. Whether it's the beauty rituals that we undergo (ugh, waxing), or the uncomfortable clothes and accessories that we willingly wear, the fact of the matter is that fashion can hurt. Thankfully, we've long passed from the Victorian times where corsets were de rigueur (and also resulted in the "fainting couch" -- the chaise lounge where light-headed women who were short of breath due to the restrictive item rested).

But how far have we really come? Check out our slideshow below of celebrities in painful fashion, and tell us in the comments section below ... is it worth it?

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Pointy-Toe Heels

Fashion That Hurts

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